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The best place for organizers and promoters to drive their event's success by engaging with attendees, increasing attendance, and selling more tickets.

Built by organizers, for organizers

The concept for the Inspire platform is very unique, based on the fact that we were event organizers way before our online platform was developed.  Years of hosting live events gave us the feedback we needed to identity where professionals were finding challenges in the networking process, and how we could improve as organizers.

Embedded within the platform are intuitive tools for local organizers to streamline nearly every aspect of hosting an event.  Match with the most qualified members in regards to your event concept, improve attendance, and increase your revenue.


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more revenue for organizers with targeted, relevant emails



 of event organizers use a third party event app

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Event statistics from 2020 Eventbrite

Improve your local event experience for attendees,

and get more positive feedback

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Inspire helps increase event attendance

Our intuitive tools match organizers with potential attendees based on event category and type preference.  Organizers can then interact with potential attendees before events via live event feeds, and use group messaging to improve their event experience.

Engage with attendees through your personalized event feed

Communicating with attendees throughout the event process is crucial to the event's success.  Inspire gives organizers the platform to engage with attendees privately through their personalized feed, and share event updates in real-time.  Event feeds are a great place for members to follow up after the event, and build deeper relationships with connections they made.

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Sell more tickets, and improve your bottom line

The goal with every face-to-face, interactive, and roundtable event is to give attendees a memorable experience which creates value in their personal or professional lives.  By using our Inspire tools organizers can now accomplish this goal with more regularity, and make more revenue from their event concept.  Learn more about becoming a preferred organizer.