Inspire with your local nonprofit

The best place for nonprofits to start a fundraiser, recruit volunteers, connect with sponsors, spotlight volunteer efforts, and manage their organizational growth.

Inspire helps build brand awareness for your mission

Some of the most inspiring acts of kindness get lost or overlooked in many social networks.  Spotlighting these efforts was at the core for our design team when creating the concept for the Inspire platform.  Our platform helps build brand awareness for nonprofits in their local community.


We also strive to make achieving their mission easier by offering tools to help with finding volunteers, starting fundraisers, and matching them with event organizers.  Together we can do more good, and Inspire St. Pete!


local and national nonprofit partners in our network


toys and clothing donated through our annual events


raised in pledges and donations for our partners

Everything you need to plan your next fundraiser

Take the guess work out of recruiting volunteers

Find the most qualified volunteers for your upcoming event or fundraiser, by posting your request in the free St. Pete nonprofit feed.

Connect and partner with local sponsors

Collaborate with local businesses looking to help your cause, or find event organizers looking to spotlight your group at their next event.  Build lasting relationships which will have positive impact for your mission.

Your mission is inspiring, now you can share it

Share inspirational stories about acts of kindness, and increase visibility for your organization's efforts in the community. Manage all your members and important content in one place, and interact with them securely whenever you need to.