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How it works:
For businesses

1. Claim your local business in our directory, and unlock business profile page. We will contact you to update your services, hours, and business details so members can follow your business.

2. Get instant access to free promotional tools to help your business grow locally.  Join industry conversations related to your business, share your experience, grow your referral network, post job openings or upcoming events, and reward customers for shopping with your business.

3. Pick which rewards tier best fits your business goals, and we will add your promotions to our local rewards program You can also upgrade your listing to make your profile 5X more visible within the platform at any time.

For residents

1. Create your free rewards account, and start building your profile by adding your career background, educational achievements, volunteer efforts, and up-to-date contact info.

2. Start following local influencers, and make valuable local connections.  Join local groups, engage with your favorite businesses, find new career opportunities, register for upcoming events, and get real-time updates/notifications from your network.

3. Show your support by making an effort to shop from local businesses in our directory.  Earn daily rewards points for local purchases, sharing content, giving featured reviews, taking surveys, or attending popular community events.

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Step 1

You love supporting your favorite local businesses, so why not help them out daily by sharing their info via social media, or posting a positive review about your experiences with them here on Inspire.

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Step 2

Post reviews and share content directly from your mobile device or desktop computer, add your favorite pictures/videos of the local business, and be sure to tag them!

Step 3

Earn rewards points for your daily engagement with businesses, and redeem them for future purchases. You can also do more good with your points by gifting them to a local nonprofit organization.

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