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Get inspired by local groups

Inspire groups are a great platform to connect with local businesses here in St. Pete, or simply make new friends in your area based on common interests.  Share ideas, start discussions, attend meetups,

inspire others, and much more.

Amazing things happen when like-minded people connect

Inspire groups give members the tools they need to build a local community around the activities and hobbies they love most.  Groups bring people within the community together, and allow them to form relationships based on similar career aspirations and social interests.  


Whether you are new to St. Pete and looking to expand your network, or simply looking to make new friends, chances are there is a group for you.  If not, starting a group and becoming an organizer is easy and very fulfilling.  Our tools simplify the management process for organizers allowing them to focus on the fun stuff like events, classes, and workshops.  Build a thriving community all around your business or the interests you love most, and help inspire others in the process.

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Form quality relationships with local professionals based on similar interests, and career aspirations

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Manage group setting, as well as  content, media, and members all from your organizer dashboard 

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Your passion is important to us, let us help you promote your groups, events, and classes to our Inspire netowrk

Inspire groups help you build a community around the your business or the interests you love most.

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Balance your career with a healthy lifestyle

Joining heath and wellness groups is the perfect way for busy professionals to balance their career, along with their fitness goals.  Maintain a healthy lifestyle while getting encouragement from your peers.  Track you fitness goals, and get ready to inspire other members.

Explore new places, and make new memories

If it is happening in your community, we think there should be an Inspire group for it!  Whether your new to the community, ready for your next big adventure or looking to connect with like-minded professionals, explore new places and create your next memory with Inspire.

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Connect with local businesses, and help support local

Creating a business group helps organizers form an online community around their business, post important announcements, and engage with customers.  Organizers have access to tools to help them share ideas, manage members, schedule events, host workshops, start incubators, and give industry advice.


Take a class, and discover a new talent or hobby

There is no better time than now to learn a new skill, or explore a new hobby.  Connect with like-minded enthusiasts to discuss the latest trends, techniques, and learning material.  Take your new passion to the next level by attending local in-person events, social gatherings, and online classes.


Start a fundraiser, or find volunteers for your organization

Inspire groups help nonprofit organizations spread awareness about their mission.  Organizers have access tools needed to start a fundraiser, recruit volunteers, connect with sponsors, spotlight volunteer efforts, and manage organizational growth.